You, your colleagues and employees work for at least 40 hours or more per week and that is about 2,000 hours per year in your commercial place or office. You need to make your working space more comfortable and make it such that the workers or your employees feel one with the place to work there efficiently.

Designing your office space or commercial area is important from efficiency and aesthetic point of view. Various studies show that a comfortable office layout makes the workplace environment more efficient as it directly impacts the financial upgradation and productivity level of employees.

A poor design of any workplace can leave to financial degradation, higher stress levels in employees, employee bickering, mental health issues like anxiety and physical problems like spinal problems, and reduced eye vision. For the proper utilization of the workplace, it is important to provide the employees with their own comfort space to promote productivity levels.

Tips To Make Your Workplace Lively And Amazing:-

If you are planning to rework the layout of your workplace or commercial space rather than just rearranging the positions of the desk, you should have to be prepared to select the correct furniture, improve your lighting, work as per the ergonomics, leave some floor space for interaction and circulation.

It doesn’t matter whether you are moving to another location or just redesigning your old space, you just need to get the clear and right idea about how to make your work environment more comfortable and productive. Below are some of the tips you can follow for re-designing your commercial space.

Get Clear Idea and Make a Plan:

Before installing any type of accessories or furniture for Office Space Design you need to work out a budget plan and see whether the changes are under your budget. After determining your budget plan you need to check who is going to take the decisions. You may also hire an experienced interior designer.

You have to be sure about considering the individual requirements of every employee and the company. You can also get a poll and share your interior design ideas and designs with your colleagues and employees so that you can get a clear idea about what type of space they want to spend their time working.

Remove uncomfortable furniture:

You need to look out before arranging furniture. You have to consider whether the furniture that you are installing is a good idea to keep or not. You need to remove the old furniture all the ones that are not in good condition which may cause health problems like back pain, neck pain, spine issues or any other problems to your employees or colleagues.

The idea of installing ergonomic desks and chairs can be a great start. You should look out for chairs that have features for armrests with compatible height, width, and depth adjustments. You also need to take into consideration your budget before installing any expensive furniture. Installation of expensive functions might hurt your pocket.

Consider Technological advancement:

You need to consider technology requirements and advancements before rearranging your desk. You need to talk to your IT department about the best way to arrange the space for employees so that they can easily get the technology requirements without any problem.

You should look into the factors about the technology like the positions of the printers, Wi-Fi routers, space for projectors, screens, sound proof booths etc.

Inclusion of your employees in the procedure

According to many scientific resources, they found that employees experience greater job satisfaction when their superiors or managers let them control or manage the setup for their commercial spaces or the place they want to work. Letting your employees work with you on re-designing your workplace can make it more productive.

Make Spaces Designed for Collaboration:

To make your workplace more comfortable and lively you should encourage your employees to work in different areas of your office and should make them enjoy the spaces that are designed for collaboration. Collaborative areas should be simple and elegant so that as much as people can gather to discuss their ideas and increase their knowledge. This place should be comforting and should help facilitate a conducive environment for idea exchanges.

Don’t forget about Lighting settings:

The lighting settings can have a great impact on the productivity of the employees, health of the employees, their working conditions, and other aspects. American society of interior designing study has shown that about 68% of the employees felt satisfied with good and adequate light and lux levels in the workplace.

You need to check the entire workplace and should make changes to the lighting settings where needed. Natural light is ideal for a workplace, but it is not possible for interior commercial spaces. For the interior commercial spaces ceiling, lights will be a great idea to make the space productive and comfortable. Or you can also go for the desk lamps.

Circulation, Hygiene, Pleasing Aesthetics, Green :

It is definitely not a good idea to jam the workplace with too much furniture that can cause circulation issues with tight spaces. The workplace needs to look clean and tidy so that you can easily move from one place to another without causing any chaos. Do not cause any navigation issues have the Signages in place for effective communication.

Keep the aesthetics pleasing as an office should evoke a sense of belongingness to one and all.

Use of indoor plants lightens up the space and Green definitely helps psychologically Improving your mood, reducing fatigue, lowering stress and anxiety, improving office performance and focus, Minimizing the occurrence of headaches by improving air quality.


Every office needs to get a comfortable and convenient environment to work in. The main work of a manager is to make the commercial place more comforting and protective. It leads to a healthy work environment making both the employer and employees satisfied and productive in their work. Making some changes in your commercial space will help you to lead a peaceful and comforting workplace environment. So, if you are looking forward to re-designing your workplace environment, don’t forget to apply the above interior design ideas for office. The above list of tips might help you set up a great workplace.

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