Interior Design Services

We are a full-service team of interior designers in Mumbai for your residential, commercial, hospitality and retail projects as well. We offer complete design and engineering solutions for your space as per the needs, wants and requirements w.r.t. the use defined. As everybody has a unique lifestyle so is the choice of interior design.

We bring to the table customized luxury interior design services that reflect every need, preference and taste of the client. The pursuit of effective use of space, well-being and functional design has contributed to our success for every project that we undertake. We offer unique design concepts, through a meticulous and systematic design process which is backed with international standards of documentation. The expert team at Chie Design carefully assesses the lifestyle, styling and furnishing needs of our clients before creating tailor-made design concepts which eventually evolve into best interior design spaces with the fusion of interior decoration and styling that are utilitarian and function centric with timeless aesthetics.

We ensure all safety standards, quality parameters, and engineered solutions are worked out for your space. As an industry veteran interior designer and decorator, we think about the wished-for utility of the space to build a safe, healthy and creative environment for your living. Our interior designers and architects understand how and which design will positively impact the end-user.

Our Interior designers and architects are trained and are aware of the safety codes, rules regulations to follow for buildability, liveability, ergonomics, technical aspects etc.

We are here to accommodate all your lifestyle requirements…

Chie design is a full-service luxury interior design firm to accomplish your objectives starting from scratch. Nothing is impossible for your project, we give wishful wings to your desires. For attaining this first of all:

  • We identify the needs of your lifestyle
  • Have a dialogue with you to understand your aesthetic inclination
  • At last, our experts will assess the possibilities of your space accordingly.
  • We effectively utilize your existing space and approach it with detailed designs as per industry standards

What are the detailed interior design services provided by Chie Design?

Once the visioning and briefing is completed with the owner’s for the project the design process starts as below:

  • We identify the needs of your lifestyle
  • Have a dialogue with you to understand your aesthetic inclination
  • At last, our experts will assess the possibilities of your space accordingly.

Layout Options

  • Different floor plans and furniture layout options are created

Concept Design

  • Concept presentations are done with at least 3 options
  • These concept presentations display the entire look and feel of the space

Detailed Design

  • In detailed design stage every element is minutely worked on and designed.

Working Drawings and Estimate

  • Post the detailed design stage, working drawings are made for the cost finalisation. Customised kitchen designs, and furniture designs are worked out and every furniture piece is unique to the clients taste and requirements

3D Renders

  • We provide realistic interior visualizations basis the project

Our Interior Architects will always provide advice on the designs for the client to understand practical choices.
Top quality and branded materials are sourced basis the design viz. stone, marble, tiles, fabric, wall paper, HVAC, switches, paint shades, cladding materials, mirror, glass, veneer, laminate, metal with all kinds of finish as per design requirements etc

How do our designers work with you to create stunning designs for your project…

We create space’s that is as per your standards of living as well as it should personally resonate with you. Chie Design is capable of handling any scale of project, post a discussion and interaction with you, we identify your tastes and ideas fitting your lifestyle. That is a must, after all, it is your space and you are going to live in it. We are here to engineer aesthetics as per your tastes.

Our designers then create personalised designs for you after receiving your inputs and recommendations. We collaborate with our clients in all possible ways to give most optimum solutions.

Our interior designers in Mumbai will assist you till you are 100% satisfied. Connect with us to discuss further on your requirements.

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