Design and Build Services 

To give a hassle-free project delivery

Any multifaceted luxury project needs to have a balance between time, cost and quality due to the nitty-gritties involved in a complex construction environment wherein there are numerous vendors, contractors and stake holders involved. This balance can be attained by proper planning from the primitive stages of the project. To achieve this, we at Chie Design provide complete design build solutions for our projects. This ensures that the design, contracting, procurement and execution process is simplified and speeds up the delivery of your project. We deploy resources in the most cost-efficient way for our clients.

Through our best interior design and build solutions, we provide a seamless integration of design through project management and on-site execution, which generates the distinct benefits of a single point of accountability through the course of the project – from ideation to completion.

We are the catalysts for our Clients’ insights and believe in creating spaces that carry a fingerprint unique to their vision. We imbibe their values and culture and create minutely detailed designs that reflect their personality and essence. This is where our build teams comes in, to transform our creativity into reality.

While providing this service we act as your designers and project management consultants ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients.

Design and Build service includes:

  • Complete design service from concept to detailed design
  • Evaluate the work, prepare estimates and BOQ’s
  • Negotiate with the contractors, vendors
  • Keep a check on site construction w.r.t. quality and quantum of work done

Along with this, under design and build we also provide sourcing and selection of different materials like marble, tiles, wall paper, kitchen, fitting fixtures, lights, chandeliers, fabrics and upholstery, styling services for the house etc.

Benefits of design and build services

With complete responsibility with the designers the design-build service progresses with creativity and technical proficiency.  This ensures economic efficiency, best quality and high standards both in execution and design. We provide personalised services to each of our clients. Entire planning and design is based on their objectives and prospects.

Time, budget and quality are the main things to consider for our clients. Our professional interior designer teams work till the final phase of the project. For any technical complexity that may arise during the project our experts are always available to solve and deliver your project. All planning and processes are worked out in the beginning of the project to ensure smooth working throughout. Our design and build team make sure about the quality consistency with the budget set for the project.

After the contract is awarded by the client, the contractor takes the accountability to provide all aspects of the project and Chie Design team ensures the delivery of the project. Below is a description for better understanding:


This is the first step towards project initiation. A personal owner’s project visioning meeting is conducted to understand the scope and requirement of the project. Post the visioning exercise Look and Feel Style, Spatial Planning, Schematic Design, Detail Design Development, 3D Visualization stages are completed.


In this phase, the designers create BOQ’s, good for construction drawings, for the contractor to quote. Thus, ensuring correct quotes & estimates basis clients requirements. Chie Design then negotiates all contracts on behalf of the clients. Once all vendors / contractors are appointed Chie Design through efficient project management systems ensures timely delivery with utmost quality.


During execution, the contractor takes complete responsibility for all the project aspects. Chie Design supervises all contractors and vendors as a project management consultant for efficient project supervision.

All in all, design-build services at Chie design will not only save your time but also your optimise cost overruns. We understand each complication which can arise in a project and schedule activities accordingly.

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