Turnkey Services

Through our experience in professional Interior Architecture, we provide overall solutions in terms of design and buildability. Our turnkey interior design contracting services provide complete integration of design, project management, and on-site execution. All works are customized solutions for interior design basis client requirements. We realize our responsibility from that first out-of-the-box idea to tightening the last bolt throughout the entire spectrum of our Interior Architecture services. Our design and execution strategies encompass around the entire built form to every nook and corner of the interior spaces with robust, reliable Project Management approach.

Our execution teams are meticulously trained in the industry and are highly experienced in efficient and quality-oriented construction practices, resulting in an excellent finish, and conscientious attention to detail. Our efficient project management approach ensures that cost and scheduling are taken care of early in the design process. Our expertise is both deep and wide and this rich experience allows us to confidently serve a great diversity of clients and projects.

The complete array of this service starts from:

  • Once a new property is purchased by the owner.
  • They appoint Chie Design as the Turnkey solutions provider.
  • Chie Design takes care of the entire design and contracting. Thus, playing the role of a designer as well as the project manager and a construction partner for the project.

We at Chie design are a turnkey design and contracting firm who will provide the space ready for use at the agreed price and by a client-set date.

Turnkey service is a total system solution..

Turnkey service is an intended solution to the end user who needs piece of mind, unlimited consultation and immediate use. Take it such as your space is fully designed, executed and ready to use by the owners. They need to just turn the key to their door, enter and start using space. This service is provided by Chie Design to all clients as per their requirements.

Chie Design is a turnkey solution provider that provides end to end solutions for experience centres, show flats, villas, residential, commercial, hospitality projects.

We have an in-house team, partners and collaborators with the skills, tools, and capabilities to become your one-stop partner for your project from the very beginning to the end.

Here are a couple of reasons why turnkey services can be beneficial for your project:

Single Entity

Once you hire Chie Design as a turnkey service provider, then you need not hire any other designers, consultants, vendors, additional subcontractors for your projects. All personnel, vendors, contractors you require for the completion of your project will be deployed by us.
We at Chie design have a huge network and trusted collaborators to cover all your business requirements. By contacting us you are dealing with one entity to fulfilling all your needs. You need not spend extra money to hire more resources to do your work.

Inclusive Process

Being a true turnkey service provider at Chie Design we have an inclusive process that a client can easily evaluate. The process starts by collaborating with the clients and the execution team to offer the best possible solution.

We are the best turnkey interior contractors in Mumbai.

Quality, Experienced Resources

At Chie Design, we have all the essential resources to complete your project.

Chie Design provides experienced, trained professional architects, interior designers and engineers from start to finish for your project. Our experts take care of everything you need for your project and guide you to complete your journey ensuring your dream space is a reality.

Best Practices

We follow our mantra with our 7 guiding principles for best practices – focus on value, start where you are, progress iteratively with feedback, collaborate and promote visibility, think and work holistically, keep it simple and practical, optimize and automate. This helps our teams focus and deliver projects in the most efficient manner.

If you are looking out for a single entity to deliver your project from inception to completion then connect with us at https://chiedesign.in/contact-us/

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