Frequently Asked Questions


How do we start the interior design process?

The process begins with a telephonic consultation with the partner. The project is discussed in the first introductory meeting which is generally set up at site or the meeting can be held over a video conference basis the client’s preference. During this meeting we understand your requirements in detail and will also take you through a presentation of our portfolio and detailed work processes. We clarify all your queries concerning design, project management, costs, budgets and timelines.

I am not located in Mumbai or in India. Can this process be managed remotely?

Absolutely Yes! As one of the best interior designers in India, we have been serving clients across the country and internationally and have successfully completed many such projects. Our detailed and methodical planning, processes and procedures ensure the same.

What if I don’t like the design? How many options do I get?

We initiate the design process with an in-depth understanding of your requirement as well as your preferred look and feel, design brief/ style. Post interaction and finalisation of floor plan, a concept presentation with three different design concepts is done for every room/ space. In the unlikely event that you are not happy with any of the concepts that is presented, we are happy to work on additional concepts, at no additional charge.

Do I have to go to the site or you will come home?

The initial consultation would occur at sites for better understanding. Subsequently it is decided mutually basis work requirements.

How are the material selections done?

Based upon the concepts that you have approved, our team will visit showrooms and shortlist materials such as tiles, fabrics, veneers, laminates, paint shades etc. A mood board is prepared for your approval. If you prefer to visit any vendor with a designer, that can also be arranged.

How do I know that I will like the final outcome?

Our meticulous design process is well structured in such a manner that the design gradually evolves, allowing you to progressively absorb well. The final output of the design process is the 3D views of the space. This provides you a complete understanding of the final outcome in terms of the look before even a nail is struck on site.


How much will be the cost of renovation/interiors?

Renovation costs vary widely, but broadly it depends on two aspects. Whether Civil works are also a part of the scope i.e. tiling, marble, waterproofing works and what kind of materials/ selection you like as per your taste. Also, generally luxury design styles would tend to cost more than simpler design styles.

When will I get an estimate/ costing for the project?

If you opt for Chie Design’s turnkey contracting service, you will receive a detailed estimate after approval of the 3D views. If you have your own contractor, we will provide him with all the details /drawings and he will prepare the estimate for the project.

How do you maintain cost control?

With our turnkey service, you get a very detailed and thorough BOQ for all the interior work as well as for the loose furniture. We also estimate the cost of the materials like tile, marble etc that would be required for the project. Our team would then use this estimate as a base when purchasing materials and selecting finishes with you. In case designs change during the course of time, you will be updated on the cost implications before the team proceeds to execute the work on the site. All quantities are tracked in the BOQ to give an efficient cost control mechanism. These work systems help ensure that the client budgets are always adhered to.

How do the fees work?

Our fees are charged on lumpsum basis, depending on our man hours required and our overheads. The fees would depend upon the scope of work, size of the property and estimated project timeline. We would be able to give you our proposal after the first meeting with our partner.

Are there different payment options available?

Yes, Different payment options are available we would be happy to provide you with the necessary guidance.


How much time will it take to complete my home?

This would depend upon several factors such as size of the apartment or villa and also on the existing state of the property. However, as a generic timeline, the design phase can take between two to three months for an apartment and three to four months for a villa. Interiors for an apartment with existing flooring, wall finishes and bathrooms would usually take between four to five months. Complete Interior renovation for a bare shell apartment would usually take approximately six to seven months.

How much time will I have to invest as a client?

You would need to set aside not more than one or two hours a week to approve designs, selection of materials and to review progress. We as best interior designers in Mumbai ensure it to be a smooth journey for all our clients.

How can I be sure that my project timelines do not exceed?

When our clients choose our turnkey services, our team prepares a project schedule for the entire scope of works including the material delivery schedule. Our site engineer, interior designer generate periodic progress reports and ensure timelines are complied with.


Do you undertake the project on a turnkey basis?

Yes. Chie Design is a full service, turnkey interior design firm. We offer complete interior design services with execution capability including civil construction, POP, electrical, plumbing, waterproofing, fitted carpentry, loose furniture and painting and polishing. We offer our clients a single point of contact throughout the project.

With turnkey interior design, does your team take full responsibility for all matters related to the design and execution?

Yes, Absolutely. From conceptual design to project handover, our team will be responsible for managing your project, co-ordinating with all vendors and sub-contractors, for maintaining timelines and ensuring quality control. We are your representatives i.e. Client Representatives and always strive to get the work done as per best industry standards.

How do you ensure that work quality is maintained?

Chie Design is one of the best interior designers in Mumbai and in India. For us, quality begins with good quality design detailing, this includes detailed specifications which specify brands and grades of materials that will be used by the contractors. Our trained site engineers ensure that materials are received and that execution is done strictly in accordance with the approved BOQ and drawings issued. All supplies are photographed and catalogued, and any discrepancies are immediately brought to the notice of the design team. In addition, the designer in charge of the project also visits the site every week to have an overview of the progress.

What brands do you use?

Regardless of budgets/ cost, it is our policy to only use recognized high quality branded materials for plywood, blockboards, veneers and laminates, adhesives, all hardware, wires and switches, POP, gypsum boards as well as paints and polishes. Thus, ensuring high quality finish, durability and longevity of your residential interior design.

Will you work with other/ external/ client contractors?

Yes. We also work with client contractors. In such case our scope is limited to design only, if the client wants us to supervise the contractors, we can do a design + project management scope where we will provide all the necessary drawing sets and carry out periodic site visits and due diligence.

Do you work on labour basis?

No. Since we offer a premium service with professionals employed, all our costs are included within the quoted rates.

Can we select from our preferred vendors?

Yes, absolutely. We are most happy to select materials from the vendors of your choice.

My site is not in Mumbai – can you execute it for me on turnkey basis?

Yes. But we do not work with local contractors and agencies and will send our execution teams from Mumbai. As one of the best interior designers in Mumbai, this is the only we can guarantee high quality standards of work and that timelines are met.


What are your suggestions for loose furniture?

Depending upon the project, the size of the spaces available, anthropometry and budgets we suggest either customized manufactured furniture or imported furniture or in some cases a combination of both.

What is the benefit of custom made furniture as against to ready-made furniture?

Custom made furniture can be crafted to any design, size, and specification. This is what interior designers in India really like. It gives us the flexibility to design as per the theme / concept and have a storyline. Other parameters such as size, height, shape, anthropometry is also taken care of, and the pieces do not look bulky and out of place. Colour schemes can be customised, and it creates a unique aesthetic that complements our overall design.

What about the quality of the loose furniture?

As one of the best interior designers in Mumbai, what we never compromise is on quality. Our furniture is manufactured to the highest industry standards and all materials used are branded and of the best available quality. Each piece of furniture manufactured through our trusted partners, goes through a rigorous 4 stage quality check & assurance process that is overseen by our designers and site engineers.

Can we import furniture? If so how does it cost?

Yes, you can. If you would prefer to import your furniture, we will provide you all the necessary assistance.


Will you help me with the selection of accessories, artworks, and soft furnishings?

Yes, of course! We are with you all the way until you move into your apartment. We will jointly visit suppliers, shortlist accessories and décor items, soft furnishings and advise you for all aspects. We will also help you to select art, artwork, artifacts that complement your interiors. If there is anything different/ special that is needed, we are happy to help you acquire it.

Do you offer support after the project is completed?

Yes, absolutely. As a company, we believe in building and investing in everlasting relations with our clients and raising the bar for interior designers in India across all aspects of design, construction, and client servicing. We are always here to help you.

How long can I expect my interiors to last?

We are greatly appreciated by many clients for the quality of our work. Chie Design brings together practical designs with engineered aesthetics. Branded materials, good construction techniques and expert craftsmanship ensure longevity of the work done. With reasonable care and periodic maintenance our interiors would generally last for fifteen to twenty years or more.

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