While creating aesthetically pleasing and practical rooms is the goal of both commercial and residential interior design, the duties of the interior designer vary greatly in each of these domains. However if you’re already equipped with residential interior designing and want to enjoy the other side of the garden, which is commercial interior designing then you’re just in the right place. In this article, we will look at various ways in how you can transition from being a residential designer to a commercial one and why your space needs an interior designer.

Understanding the transition from a Residential to a Commercial Interior Designer

Designing home spaces and business interiors are two unique fields. However, each has its own set of challenges and possibilities. Residential interior designer frequently focuses on creating intimate, individualized spaces, whereas commercial design prioritizes utility, brand representation, and user experience. Making the process from residential to commercial design necessitates a shift in viewpoint, but it is one that can open up new opportunities for innovation and progress.

Getting Through the Transiton

Transitioning from residential to commercial design necessitates a thorough understanding of the contrasts between the two professions. Commercial interiors frequently necessitate a thorough awareness of building rules, laws, and industry standards, as well as considerations for things like traffic flow, accessibility, and scalability. While the creative principles of design remain constant, their execution may differ substantially in a commercial setting.

Whether you’re a seasoned designer trying to extend your portfolio or a homeowner entering the industry of commercial real estate, the shift is both difficult and rewarding. Using the particular demands of commercial interor design while remaining true to your creative vision, you may open up new opportunities and propel your design practice to new heights.

Reasons to Choose Professional Interior Designing

Even though there are vast differences between residential designer and commercial interior designing they both are equally essential for your space. Let us understand the 4 main reasons of their importance.

1: It Can Save Your Money.

While it may appear expensive at first, investing in interior design is ultimately more cost effective. For starters, keep in mind that interior designers have a degree and a thorough awareness of basic codes and protocols that the average individual is unaware of in construction design. This is useful during the new construction or reconstruction stages of any design project! As a result, you will be able to invest your money effectively and prevent excessive expenses or shoddy work, which will bring further problems in the long term.

2: Investment with a Higher Return

When it comes to interior design, it’s crucial to remember that making the right aesthetic investments in your space will raise its worth and, in many cases, result in a profit larger than what you initially spent on the design. However, due to potential risks or other difficulties, poorly designed and implemented design may depress the value of your property or at the very least turn off potential purchasers.

3: Your Dream Space

Have you ever wished your house or office looked like the stunning image you saw when you saw it in a magazine, Pinterest board, or social media post? The majority of people have, but since they view it as an unreachable ideal, the majority of people never get the chance to own the home of their dreams. Having a “Pinterest worthy” home is, nevertheless, far more attainable than one might believe—just like any desire. As mentioned above, most people are put off by the initial cost of investing in interior design, but in the long run, it’s actually more economical.

4: Saves Time 

Many times have you promised to begin a project but never actually got around to it or did it only to take far longer than you anticipated?Everyone of us are quite busy, and finding the time for projects—especially something as significant as upgrading your home or work space can be rather difficult given the time we all have to dedicate to our families, pets, careers, and other interests and activities.


Thus, a well thought interior design for business spaces is increasing at a shocking pace. Any business’s ability to succeed can be significantly influenced by its commercial design. Any type of customer-focused commercial business may only turn a profit when they are able to attract and keep more customers. However, if you are in search of exceptional execution of either residential or commercial interior designing do not hesitate to get in touch with Chie Design for seamless integration of the designs of your dreams.


How can I acquire projects for commercial interior design?

Several Strategies can be followed to attract customers to your interior design firm:

  • SEO plan.
  • PPC or location-based Google Ads.
  • listing your company on classified and industry lead generation websites.
  • Social Networks.
  • Publishing regional content on video platforms.
  • Email Promotion.
  • Organize neighbourhood gatherings.
  • Interacting with the neighborhood.


What is the commercial interior design industry?

Commercial interior design is all about making well-thought-out, practical, and aesthetically pleasing rooms that complement the objectives of the company or brand and make a good impression on clients, customers, guests, and staff members.