As we step into 2024, it’s the perfect time to refresh your living space with the latest in-home décor trends. Whether you’re looking to make bold statements or subtle upgrades, incorporating must-have décor items can transform your home into a stylish and welcoming sanctuary. 

Working with interior design studios in Mumbai can offer specialized insights and solutions that are specifically designed for individuals looking for professional help. In this post, we’ll look at the key décor pieces that will upgrade your home and represent the current designs of 2024.

5 Must To Have Decor Items In Your House

In this section of the article let’s see what advice interior design studios in Mumbai give when it comes to decorating your home.

1.   Candles

Throughout history, people have used candles to provide ambience, light, and warmth in their homes. They are a wonderful method to instil a sense of calmness or relaxation and are frequently connected to romance. A variety of candles are kept on hand in almost every home in case of power disruptions.

The Romans were the first people to make candles; they rolled papyrus sheets and dipped them in melted tallow. It is thought that the Chinese used rice paper instead of papyrus to make candles in a similar manner. The wax that is used to make candles has undergone significant alteration since then.

The early tallow that was utilized was dirty with soot and particles, and when it burnt, it smelled horrible. Paraffin eventually took its place, followed by whale oil and beeswax. Because soybean wax burns slowly, is odourless, and is soft, candles manufactured with it are quite popular these days. 

You can use candles in your home in a variety of ways, from little groups of them to big pillars with matching ornamental holders. Modern candles are made to blend in with the décor of your house, even if they are never lit. Just look at their colour and style.

2.   Houseplants

Studies have shown that houseplants not only remove carbon dioxide from the air and convert it to oxygen, but they also neutralize harmful chemicals like polyethylenes and formaldehyde, which are found naturally in many types of furniture, flooring, and paints used in the home and have been linked to respiratory and other illnesses.

Plants can lower stress, elevate mood, and stimulate creativity, according to other studies. A recent study found that persons who had a plant in their office had an average blood pressure four points lower than those who did not have one. Another study found that working in plant-decorated environments helps people come up with more innovative thoughts. 

Plants are visually pleasing as well as fragrant when decorating. Why spend money looking for the perfect artificial air freshener when plants may do it for you naturally?

When purchasing plants, look for ones that compliment your decor. Ferns and vines complement Victorian and traditional themes, while brightly coloured flowers complement modern decor and cacti complement Southwest or earthy motifs. 

3.   Personal Collections

These are almost universally owned. That unusual item or collection that people don’t fully comprehend but make your home feel like it belongs to you. Whether it’s the kitty-cat clock on the wall with the wagging tail or your collection of superhero figurines, your home wouldn’t seem complete without them. 

Music is a popular collection in many houses, whether in the shape of CDs or classic vinyl records. Movie collections are also extremely popular. Visitors are frequently drawn to these collections and can’t help but peruse to see how your taste in music or movies reflects the person they know or are coming to know better, as well as how it compares to their own.

These sets can also enhance your home décor in other ways. People who collect art, rugs, and other decorative goods frequently display them in plain sight in their houses. As teenagers, we hung celebrity posters on our walls, and we now decorate our homes with our current favourites.

4.   Art

Art is one of the most popular and flexible home additions, ranging from paintings and sculptures to children’s crayon drawings. Regardless of your inclinations or design scheme, you may locate or make a piece of art that complements the look of your home. 

Do you want a modern look? Think about a strikingly colourful picture or a sculpture made of metal that may be hung on the wall. If your property is more conventional, think of porcelain or ceramic sculptures or a classic landscape. Reprints of classical works are always popular, as are religious objects such as the Christian cross, the Star of David, and jade or rosewood Buddha figures.

Finding unique pieces that will add a distinctive touch to your home décor is one of the best things about art. 

The usage of art in home décor may be traced back to prehistoric times, when primitive man-made cave drawings for adornment and communication. Hundreds of these cave paintings still survive and are famous tourist locations, particularly in France and Spain.

5.   Designer Storage

Is it possible for someone to have enough storage space in their home? People are constantly looking for new ways to store their belongings as they gather more of them. The need for storage has contributed to the development of the concept of storage as a design element, in which systems not only arrange our stuff but also make it appealing. This is accomplished through the use of ingeniously designed furniture and containers that maximize both form and function. 

With a plethora of configurations including shelves, drawers, and units made to accommodate anything from scarves to ski boots, closet organizers are among the most popular systems. These storage solutions are often easily expanded and updated, allowing homeowners to adopt them as their needs change or to fit the 25th pair of shoes. 


Transforming your home in 2024 with must-have decor items can considerably improve its style and appeal. The appropriate interior selections, from modern furniture to distinctive accessories, can express your personal taste while also keeping up with current trends.

Consider working with interior design studios in Mumbai to add a really personalized and professional touch. These specialists can assist you in easily incorporating the latest decor products into your home, resulting in a unified and stylish appearance. Elevate your home with these essential design pieces and enjoy a fresh, modern living atmosphere all year.