When renovating a home, the kitchen is the most popular room to upgrade. This hard-working area serves as the social center of the house in addition to being utilitarian. Therefore, getting your kitchen renovation done correctly the first time is crucial. There are many best interior design companies in Mumbai that get clients who wish to remodel their kitchens. So, keep reading for the complete how-to on perfecting your kitchen remodeling design ideas!

The Complete Kitchen Remodel Ideas Guide


It’s time to start thinking seriously about kitchen remodeling options. Use this list as a checklist for your personal makeover or to include current kitchen design ideas. You’ll obtain the best outcomes and be able to keep your project on schedule.

1.    For the interior design of your kitchen, establish a budget.

The most crucial component of a kitchen remodel design is the budget. Without it, you could wind up overspending, not finishing the renovation, or taking dangerous shortcuts that compromise the quality of your kitchen.

Regarding what you can afford, be realistic. An upgraded kitchen interior design can raise the value of your home if you keep within your budget. Renovations can come with unanticipated costs and can take longer than expected. Typically, a refurbishment will cost more the longer it takes.

Minor aesthetic modifications can have a spectacular impact while costing less if you’re not ready to invest in major kitchen renovation ideas. Among the most significant visual changes to kitchen design are:

  • Modernize the counter
  • Reface or paint the cabinets.
  • Put in a backsplash
  • Update the faucets and fittings.


2.    Plan Your Kitchen Remodel Ideas in Rough Detail

Make a preliminary blueprint for your dream kitchen interior design after you decide your budget. Make a Pinterest board for a kitchen remodel design inspiration that you find endless. Additionally, look into several layouts to see which will suit your property. Although your initial plan won’t be used, it enables you to determine the type of kitchen you want and will simplify the subsequent stage.


3.    Cost of Kitchen Remodel Design: Obtain quotes and complete your design

Researching various kitchen design services and possibilities is a smart idea. Depending on the complexity of your renovation, you can also ask local contractors for quotations to get a better idea of the overall project. Examining online testimonials on your website if you are looking for some of the best interior designers in Pune.

You can finalize your kitchen remodel design ideas and the additional services you’ll require once you’ve received a price. Your kitchen interior design may incorporate one or more of the following expert services:

  • a demolition team
  • Drywaller
  • Installers of tile and floors
  • Painter Electrician
  • HVAC contractor plumber


4.    Establish a schedule for implementing kitchen remodeling ideas.

Time and patience are needed even in small kitchens. Unquestionably, setting a timeline is one of the most crucial phases of a kitchen redesign. Start by considering supply delivery times, your availability, and drying or setting times.

Also, take accessibility and common use into account. A family that frequently uses the entire kitchen throughout the day must reconstruct it in stages or set up a temporary kitchen with a microwave, fridge, dishes, and a washbasin area in another part of the house.


5.    Design your kitchen remodel carefully, and remodel it completely before demolishing it.

The first practical step in a kitchen makeover design is removal of existing structure. However, before demolition starts, get a professional to map the water pipes and electrical wiring and remove all items from the cabinets and drawers. Remove tiles, unscrew, and dismantle cabinet fronts if you intend to knock down walls.


6.    Ideas for Kitchen Renovation: Modify Infrastructure

One of the most crucial part, get an experienced plumber and electrician who can help with your kitchen remodeling ideas. An electrician can add electrical connections to cabinets, modify appliance outlets, replace broken or outdated wiring, and provide infrastructure for new lighting.

A plumber can also replace any damaged piping and, if required, change the location of the tap. Now is the moment to construct the structure following your kitchen remodeling plan if you need to restructure or add a wall.


7.    Ideas for Kitchen Interior Design: Pick paint

Before painting, ensure all edges are cleaned and dry, and fill in any holes. To protect the painted finish on cabinets, ensure you and your team apply a primer, bonding sealer, and fire- and water-resistant paint on the walls. The residual paint might breathe fresh life into your new interior and offer your cooking area furniture ideas an updated layer.


8.    Installing Backsplashes, Countertops, and Floors

The new floor can be put in once the paint has dried, followed by the backsplash and kitchen countertop. Before beginning the tiling, wait for countertops like cement to set up and cover nearby places to prevent spills. For a backsplash that can withstand heat, clay tiles work best. For flooring, a sturdy material that is simple to maintain will endure longer.


9.    Build Cabinets, Fixtures, and Lighting

Installing cabinets, lighting, and fixtures at this stage in the remodeling process is exciting because your kitchen renovation ideas are starting to take shape. Finally, your cabinets’ doors and drawers are restored, fixtures and faucets are operational, and lighting is utilized. Make sure there are three different lighting levels in your kitchen design:

  • Under-cabinet task lighting that shines a focus on the preparation and countertop areas.
  • The kitchen area is illuminated by general illumination, such as recessed ceiling lights.
  • Accent lighting can be anything from a feature light hovering above a kitchen island to a warm-toned shelf light.

In Short:

A property’s functionality, appeal, and all-around worth can be significantly increased by reworking the kitchen. Homeowners can build the ideal kitchen space that satisfies their needs and tastes by selecting from various design ideas and trends.

Although it is not easy to get the best interior designers in Pune who can help to makeover the kitchen, whether a total overhaul or a simple upgrade, it is a wise investment that can turn a drab room into a beautiful and welcoming one. Homeowners can create a stunning and useful environment that they will enjoy for years to come by keeping in mind the crucial aspects of kitchen design, such as layout, lighting, colors, and materials.



How do I design a new kitchen remodel?

Their guidance will be important when deciding where to place walls, doors, and windows—essential components of designing a kitchen remodel. Although in the above article, complete guidance is given, here’s a compiled list:

  • Pick a cabinetry design.
  • Consider appliances.
  • Consider the arrangement.
  • Take storage into consideration.
  • Choose your colors.
  • Pay attention to the oppositional materials.
  • Consider flooring
  • Set up the kitchen lighting.


What are the five most common designs for kitchen rooms?

The five standard kitchen layouts are L-shaped, G-shaped, U-shaped, one-wall, and galley. Usually, your plan will be determined by the room’s size and shape. Most kitchen layouts are based on one of the following shapes, while some modifications and deviations exist.


What is the best layout for a kitchen?

The L-shaped kitchen OR platform on both sides are the most functional and complies with the kitchen guideline. You can add a second kitchen sink to the island to better use the environment. Alternatively, you can build in storage underneath the island and a bench seat on the other side.

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